Production of Fortified Agricultural Crops

Preconference Workshop on Production of Fortified Agricultural Crops for Food Packaging 2016

International Conference on Food and Beverage Packaging (Food Packaging 2016)” to be held during June 13-15, 2016 at Rome, Italy. 
Food Packaging-2016, the unique International Conference on Food & Beverage Packaging will be an interdisciplinary forum for exchange of knowledge on the traditional and advanced technologies in the field of Food & Beverage Packaging. The interesting topic includes innovation in Food Packaging -  Importance of Food Packaging, Food Packaging Testing, Novel Food Packaging Technologies, Food and Beverage Packaging Machinery, Packaging Tools, Nanotechnology in Food Packaging, Emerging Trends in Food Packaging, Cost -effective Packaging Innovation, Consumer Trends in Food Packaging, Food Packaging industry Scenario in Italy, Market Differentiation: Growing and Mature,  Future of Innovation: Bio-based Packaging.