Baby Food Packaging

The scope of this study is limited to bottles, metal cans, cartons, jars, and pouches made by plastic, paper, metal, and glass. The study also covers different baby food products like liquid milk formula, dried baby food, powder milk formula, and prepared baby food. High birth rate, increasing consumer awareness, and increasing number of working women are the factors driving the demand for baby food packaging solutions. The growing consumer preference for eco-friendly pouch packaging has increased the adoption for flexible packaging. Another factor augmenting the need for packaging solutions is the innovation led by baby food manufacturers, to meet varying consumer needs. Companies are increasingly using sustainable and recyclable packaging materials. They are constantly looking for green, innovative, and recyclable alternatives of normal packaging. A significant growth in the middle class has opened new opportunities in the baby food packaging market, as the need for products that are compatible with a working woman's schedule is growing.

Why is packaging such a key concern? It’s the one thing that shields a product from breakage and spoilage, but also safeguards it from coming in contact with harmful external elements that can make people sick. It's also the first thing shoppers see when browsing products at the retail level.

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